McLeods of Condah

Hamish our mascot

Hamish Dougall McLeod was born at Terang in the Western District of Victoria Australia.  He is now 3 years old.  I have always admired Scotties and determined one day to own one.  Their character and personality are described as being like the lonely highlands of their homeland: serious, dignified and aloof.

In the 19th century George The 4th Earl of Dumbarton had a pack of scotties who were so proud in battle they were nicknamed “diehards”.  George’s regiment, The Royal Scots, were called Dumbartons Diehards after the scotties.

My great aunt Lexie McLeod (b1895 d1994) also possessed these fine Scottish qualities.  She was independent, stubborn, brave and loyal and could certainly stand up for herself when prodded or pulled!!  Woe betide anyone who criticised her beloved nephews George, Peter, or niece Emily – you would definitely need to make a very hasty retreat!

When I visited Raasay and the highlands of Scotland a few years ago I could see and feel the landscape that these hardy little dogs had been bred for: wild, barren and cold.  I would like to think that my ancestors once owned a little terrier and in Hamish the tradition can be carried on.  He is very honoured to be chosen as the Laird for McLeods of Condah…

Elizabeth Hedger, 2017

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