McLeods of Condah

Norman and Susan the original emigrants and their children

Norman and Susan McLeod left the Isle of Raasay, Scotland in 1854 bound for Portland in the colony of Victoria. Norman and Susan (nee Stewart) arrived on the boat ‘Edward Johnston’ in September 1854 after a trip of 11 weeks. He was 35 years of age and she was 29.

Norman and Susan left with many other emigrants from the Isles of Raasay and Skye. They came with their first four children, listed in birth order: Ruairidh (Roderick) aged 8, Norman aged 6, Alexandrina (Lexy) aged 4, and Mary Ann, less than one year old.

They left behind, Alexander, who had died some time between 1852 and their departure for Victoria. Another five children were  born to the couple in Australia: Ann, Catherine, Donald, Mary Christina (Chrissy), Catherine (Kate). Of all these children, only the following lived to adulthood: Ruairidh, Norman, Lexy, Ann, Christina and Kate.

Susan died in 1866 and Norman in 1868 leaving Ruairidh, Norman and Lexy to raise the younger children.

Children of Norman and Susan McLeod

  1. Ruairidh (Roderick/Rory), born about 1846 in Scotland, died 10 September 1936 Condah
  2. Norman, born about 1848, Scotland, died 3 June 1926 Condah
  3. Alexandrina (Lexy), born about 1850, Scotland died in Brumbarra, Shire of Portland, 30 October 1885
  4. Alexander, born about 1852, Scotland, died Scotland before 1854
  5. Mary Ann, born about 1854, Scotland, died 17th October 1864
  6. Ann, born about 1856 in Victoria, died 14th September 1930
  7. Catherine, born 1857 Bassetts* Victoria, died 16th October 1864
  8. Donald, born 1860 Bassetts Victoria, died 8th October 1864
  9. Mary Christina (Chrissy), born 1862 Branxholme Victoria, died East Malvern, Victoria, 1950
  10. Catherine (Kate), born 1866, died 24 July 1959, Branxholme

Mary Ann (b 1854), Catherine (b 1857) and Donald (b 1860) all died within ten days of each other during a diphtheria epidemic in 1864

* Bassetts was a property. It had once been part of a larger landhold called Crawford.