McLeods of Condah

Kevin MacLeod

Kev is a character who makes our annual McLeods of Condah a memorable event. I’m really thankful for his involvement, as he has added significantly to my knowledge of the family. An example is the story of Mary Christina (Chrissy b.1862 d.1950). She was banished from the family following her marriage to James Fahey, a catholic! According to Kevin, Chrissy’s marriage to a catholic was unacceptable to her eldest brother, Rory/Ruairidh who became head of the family after the death of Norman senior in 1868. The Mcleods were Free Presbyterians and at this time inter marriage was not acceptable.

We are still looking for the descendants of Chrissy and James. They had six children and we know that many of the family ended up in Melbourne.

Though Kev’s stories are sometimes a bit long and winding in the telling they contain interesting bits that help us to piece together a richer story. At the 2016 event Kevin recorded for us gaelic and other sayings he remembered his father and uncles using.

Maryanne Martin, 2017


  • Fiona MacLeod says:

    Kevin said he was sitting on old rory’s Bed in 1936 & he gave him a pound…& he still has rory’s Brand with RL on it .. ( RL for Rory Leod)

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