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Raasay Visit

In October 2015 on a Sunday myself, David and Jane travelled to Raasay. We caught the train to Kyle of Lochaish and then a taxi across the Bridge to Skye. The bridge was built 20 years ago so links the isle with the mainland. Before that you had to go by boat.
We were dropped at Sconser to catch the ferry over to Raasay. The ferry took 15 minutes and on arrival we were greeted by rain, wind and sleet. There is no transport on the Island so our Bed and Breakfast host Elisabeth was waiting for us. We were driven to her lovely house overlooking the water. It was a very fussy place laden with ornaments and knick knacks everywhere. We were instructed to take off muddy shoes and wet coats before entering and if we spilt anything on the carpet to let them know immediately.

Ferry terminal at Sconser


Elizabeth and Jane on ferry to Raasay

View from ferry window


The guest house

The three of us went exploring down uneven slippery tracks and were soon drenched, muddy and cold. As it was the sabbath and many residents follow the free church there was nobody around and not even the one shop was open. A sign on the oval said no sport or playing around the ground on sunday. The old castle, ruins of crofts and Calums Road that we were interested in were on the north of the island and too far to walk. By this time we were so wet that we walked to Raasay House where a coffee shop was open. Sat there for awhile to dry out and also found out they were open for dinner that night. After exploring a few more muddy lanes Jane decided to return to B & B.

Afternoon walk to village of Inverarish

Village of Inverarish

We continued on and discovered a very old cemetery with the ruins of an ancient chapel, graves and stone walls all frozen in time. Very eerie walking around them.
Most of the cottages were in ruins and though the island is in a wild remote and rugged area we all agreed there is a feeling of sadness and neglect all around. The highland clearances destroyed all family and clan life.


We returned to the b&b making sure to take off shoes and I sat on bed with cup of tea and accidentally spilt it on the cream carpet. Was in panic as I tried to soak it up with towel and hide the stain! In the evening we returned to Raasay House for dinner. Our hosts lent us a torch as no street lights so we all proceeded down the muddy slippery lane way in the dark and rain. Meal was fine and washed down with a few glasses of red so all in good spirits. Then it was back down the dark lane with not a sound or person around. Jane was heard to mutter “They were lucky they ended up in Australia” as she slipped in a puddle!

Raasay House


view from Raasay House

Next morning had breakfast, bid our hosts goodbye and caught the ferry back to Skye.
If we return we will do it differently, take a car over on the ferry so we can travel around, not go on a Sunday and take a pair of rubber boots!

Elizabeth Hedger
28th April 2016

Visiting there

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