McLeods of Condah

2010 – Port Fairy

10th April

A small family group descended from Norman (b 1848 d 1926) visited Condah. This group was interested in learning more about Condah and the McLeods who had once lived there. Some members as young children had visited Great Aunt Jean (Ginny) at her property Morven Park, Condah. Ginny was a daughter of Norman. Those involved in the first “McLeods of Condah” event were descendants of Ginny’s older sister, Susan.

The group visited the Branxholme and Condah cemeteries, the Condah hotel, the remains of the Condah railway station. They had searched for the remains of the Morven Park homestead but were uncertain of its location.

The group were keen to repeat the ‘back to’ in April 2011 and to locate more descendants.

Michael, Paul, Elizabeth and Maryanne at “Morven Park” gate, Condah.

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