McLeods of Condah

2011 – Condah

16th April – Condah Hall

Remembering Norman McLeod

This event’s focus was on the life of Norman McLeod (b1880 d1918) the first child of Norman (b1848) and his wife Jane McLachlan. Norman, aka “Scotty”, was killed on the Western Front on May 31 1918. Scotty was a colourful character and was known in the district for his poetry, football ability, horsemanship, as well as his high spirits and drinking. He had enlisted in January 1915 and served at Gallipoli as well as the Western Front.

There were 24 descendants involved the second event. As well as the descendants of Norman (b1848) there were a number of descendants of Ruairidh involved. Much valuable information on the McLeod family tree had been supplied by Ian McLeod of Tasmania, a grandson of Ruairidh. Kevin MacLeod, also a grandson of Ruairidh, was instrumental in providing local context as well as many anecdotes of family history. The site of Morven Park homestead was located thanks to Kevin Macleod. Kevin also showed the site of Ruairidh’s home, Albanella (still standing).


10:15 Arrival and morning tea
10:30 Bagpipes – Mrs McLeod’s Reel (also known as Mrs McLeod of Raasay) Donald Blair
10:35 Welcome and explanation of event Maryanne Martin
10:40 Outline of how the event will run Maryanne Martin
1. Norman’s early life Maryanne Martin
2. Poem title unknown Leon McLeod
3. Enlistment WW1 Maryanne Martin
4. “To The Mothers” Melanie Martin
5. “To My Cobbers in Regret” Maryanne Martin
6. Reading of 1917 Will Jennifer Green
7. Bagpiper (Cathedral)
8. Hamilton Spectator description of funeral Terry Sim
9. Auntie Lexy story Elizabeth Hedger
11:25 Time to look through booklet and form three groups to discuss Norman

  1. Think of five words that best describe Norman.
  2. If Norman was to walk in here now what would you want to ask him?
  3. If Norman was able to know that we would be doing this workshop today what would he have said?
  4. Do you think there are any of Norman’s traits alive in the family today?
  5. What does today mean to us as a modern day family?
12:00 Come together, share ideas
Eulogy to unknown soldier
Michael Routledge
12:25 Thank you Maryanne Martin
12:30 Bagpipes – Flowers of the Forest Donald Blair


The participants.

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