McLeods of Condah

2018 – Branxholme

14th April – The Hall


10:30 Morning tea
Thanks to Carolyn for Scotty Cake.
10:45 Welcome and outline
Special welcome to descendants of Lexie McLeod who are coming for the first time.
Lexie was a 1 year old on the boat that came from Scotland in 1854.
Maryanne Martin
10:55 “What have you achieved through having this group?” Tim Gurry
“My Condah Boy”
Tim Gurry
11:20 Website update Maryanne Martin &
Michael Routledge
11:30 How to be involved via the website Michael Routledge
Show your photo
Those that have brought a photo to talk to it.​

Heather Funk

Fiona McLeod

Marj McKellar

Deidre McLeod

Michael Routledge

The pictures

12:10 Quiz Elizabeth Hedger
12:30 Plaque on Branxholme wall Heather Funk
12:40 What to do next year
13:00 Afternoon activities (lunch, cemetery, drinks at hotel)


The participants.


  • Amanda Blohm says:

    Would you like a copy of my story about how Walter Frederick Blohm, my uncle Fred, and Ian Dougald (known as Dugal) McLeod rescued Norman Stewart Adamson, my great uncle Norm, and his wife, Doris Irene Adamson, nee Rundell, from the 1946 flood?

    • Michael Routledge says:

      Hi Amanda.
      That sounds like a very interesting story and we would definitely like a copy.
      I’ll contact you by email and we’ll look at putting it up on the site.
      Thanks, Michael.

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