McLeods of Condah

2018 – Branxholme

14th April – The Hall


10:30 Morning tea
Thanks to Carolyn for Scotty Cake.
10:45 Welcome and outline
Special welcome to descendants of Lexie McLeod who are coming for the first time.
Lexie was a 1 year old on the boat that came from Scotland in 1854.
Maryanne Martin
10:55 “What have you achieved through having this group?” Tim Gurry
“My Condah Boy”
Tim Gurry
11:20 Website update Maryanne Martin &
Michael Routledge
11:30 How to be involved via the website Michael Routledge
Show your photo
Those that have brought a photo to talk to it.​

Heather Funk

Fiona McLeod

Marj McKellar

Deidre McLeod

Michael Routledge

The pictures

12:10 Quiz Elizabeth Hedger
12:30 Plaque on Branxholme wall Heather Funk
12:40 What to do next year
13:00 Afternoon activities (lunch, cemetery, drinks at hotel)


The participants.

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