McLeods of Condah

2016 – Hamilton

30th April – Blue Malt Cafe

HAMILTON SPECTATOR Tuesday April 26 2016 11

Descendants to gather on April 30

McLEOD family members gather in 2014 at the plaque they erected in the Branxholme cemetery where many of their ancestors’ graves are now unmarked.

THE McLeod clan of Condah will gather on April 30 for the sixth annual reunion of the descendants of Norman and Susan McLeod, who migrated to Australia in 1854.
A highlight this year will be recollections of a number of family members who have visited the emigrant couple’s ancestral home on the Isle of Raasay in the Scottish Highlands.
Norman and Susan were dispossessed crofters and they came with many other highlanders on the “Edward Johnston” which docked at Portland.
A family spokeswoman said the children of the original couple were well connected but over time some family members were “lost” to each other.
However, through holding the reunion event each year the family had not only learnt much about the past but had reconnected the extended family.
People have attended from as far afield as Hobart and Sydney.
“This group’s focus is the community of Condah … past and present, with emphasis on the social history,” the spokeswoman said.


1. Maryanne Martin “visualises” the family tree via photos and labels on the function room floor.


2. Elizabeth and David Hedger describe their recent visit to Raasay.
3. Heather Funk outlines her work on the plaque for the Pioneer Wall at Branxholme.
4. Discussion on whether correct spelling of surname is MacLeod or McLeod.
5. Kevin MacLeod recalls some of the gaelic and other sayings used by his father and uncles.


The attendees.


  • Elizabeth Hedger says:

    What a fantastic weekend we all had in Hamilton catching up with the extended McLeod (MacLeod) Clan… Great get together at Blue Malt Function Room, followed by luncheon, tour of Ansett Museum, afternoon tea at Kevin and Leslie’s, dinner at Bandicoot Motel, breakfast at Henrix…. In fact it was a continuous feast with family and relatives…. Thanks again Maryanne S Martin. I forgot my camera so any photos would be appreciated. See you all next year!!!!

  • Michael Routledge says:

    Nothing like a visual prompt … the “big picture” on the floor was a great idea. The only downside was those poor souls (excuse the pun) who got stuck to people’s feet! The Raasay presentation was excellent. It would be interesting though to see it in spring/summer. And we’ll need to resolve the mc/mac issue. I’m leaning towards Kevin and would go with Mac.

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