McLeods of Condah


2019 – Condah

6th April – Green Hills Hotel This year’s event was about bringing to life the stories of the granddaughters of the original immigrants, Norman McLeod and Susan Stewart. Why focus on the granddaughters? We know something of the children of Norman McLeod and Susan Stewart but less of some of the grandchildren, especially the women. […]

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2016 – Hamilton

30th April – Blue Malt Cafe HAMILTON SPECTATOR Tuesday April 26 2016 11 Descendants to gather on April 30 McLEOD family members gather in 2014 at the plaque they erected in the Branxholme cemetery where many of their ancestors’ graves are now unmarked. THE McLeod clan of Condah will gather on April 30 for the sixth […]

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2018 – Branxholme

14th April – The Hall Agenda: 10:30 Morning tea Thanks to Carolyn for Scotty Cake. 10:45 Welcome and outline Special welcome to descendants of Lexie McLeod who are coming for the first time. Lexie was a 1 year old on the boat that came from Scotland in 1854. Maryanne Martin 10:55 “What have you achieved through […]

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2017 – Cavendish

8th April – Bunyip Hotel The Warrnambool Standard on Sunday 10 Apr 2017, 10 a.m. Family history made some modern connections for a group of McLeod descendants CATCHING UP: Neil McLeod, Maryanne Martin and Ian McLeod at the annual family gathering at Cavendish. FAMILY history made some modern connections for a group of McLeod descendants at Cavendish’s […]

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2011 – Condah

16th April – Condah Hall Remembering Norman McLeod This event’s focus was on the life of Norman McLeod (b1880 d1918) the first child of Norman (b1848) and his wife Jane McLachlan. Norman, aka “Scotty”, was killed on the Western Front on May 31 1918. Scotty was a colourful character and was known in the district […]

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2010 – Port Fairy

10th April A small family group descended from Norman (b 1848 d 1926) visited Condah. This group was interested in learning more about Condah and the McLeods who had once lived there. Some members as young children had visited Great Aunt Jean (Ginny) at her property Morven Park, Condah. Ginny was a daughter of Norman. […]

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